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The World Pharmacy Council is delighted to welcome the Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada (Neighbourhood Pharmacies) as its newest member, solidifying the global collaboration of community pharmacy organisations in advancing healthcare excellence.


The World Pharmacy Council is an international platform committed to fostering cooperation and innovation among pharmacy associations worldwide. The inclusion of Neighbourhood Pharmacies further expands the Council's reach, creating an opportunity for shared knowledge, expertise, and best practices in pharmacy management, patient care, and public health.


Neighbourhood Pharmacies, representing the vibrant and dynamic landscape of community pharmacies in Canada, brings a wealth of experience and a dedication to enhancing the delivery of healthcare services. As part of the World Pharmacy Council, Neighbourhood Pharmacies will actively contribute to the global conversation on pharmacy standards, services, regulatory practices, and advancements in pharmacy practice. It will also help to expand the international datasets available to the WPC to demonstrate the value and potential of community pharmacy.


'We are thrilled to welcome the Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada to the World Pharmacy Council. The addition of Neighbourhood Pharmacies strengthens our commitment to promoting collaboration and driving positive change in pharmacy practices worldwide,' said Douglas Hoey, President of the World Pharmacy Council.


NPAC's involvement will provide an invaluable perspective on the unique challenges and opportunities facing community pharmacies, serving as a catalyst for the exchange of ideas and solutions. Through this collaboration, the World Pharmacy Council aims to create a more unified and resilient global pharmacy community that contributes to meaningful improvements in patient care and health system efficiency.


'We are honored to join the World Pharmacy Council and look forward to collaborating with our international counterparts to advance the pharmacy profession globally. Together, we can share insights, address common challenges, and work towards elevating the standard of care for patients around the world,' remarked Sandra Hanna, Chief Executive Officer, Neighbourhood Pharmacies.

January 30, 2024

World Pharmacy Council welcomes the Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada

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If you are an individual, please note that membership of the World Pharmacy Council is not available to individuals. The Council’s full members are community pharmacy representative organisations, and application for affiliate membership is open only to companies and other organisations that have an interest in the field of community pharmacy.

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