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Among the additional services provided were filling and extending repeat prescriptions, home delivery, point of care testing and vaccinations. Where needed, regulatory adaptations ensured that community pharmacies were authorized to provide these services. The new and expanded services proved highly successful, and community pharmacies demonstrated that they are a highly adaptable, essential component of local and national health care systems. Patients’ appreciation of pharmacy increased substantially and governments recognised and praised the vital role provided successfully by the community pharmacy networks. The conference noted that the authorizations to provide some services have been temporary, and identified the need to ensure that those benefits to health systems be maintained through permanent enablement of full scope of community pharmacy practice.

Delegates discussed the issues associated with pharmacy activities currently being classified under Retail not Health Care within the United Nations’ International Standard Industrial Classification system (ISIC). The WPC has already written to the UN to propose a review of this outdated and restrictive classification and will work to secure reclassification. This is expected to take some time to achieve.

The Council is a member of the Associate Expert Group of Business at OECD, and continued its active engagement with the organisation through the conference. The Head of the OECD Health Division, Francesca Colombo, spoke to the delegates about the organisation’s programme on Financial Sustainability and Resilience of Health Systems. The conference also met with Julie Chauvet, who is leading the Business at OECD campaign on Resilience, to learn about and contribute further to the campaign.

Future initiatives agreed at the meeting, in addition to the Resilience programme, included: building the case supply and administration of specialty medicine through community pharmacy; quantifying the cost of non-adherence to medication regimes and the economic benefit of community pharmacy medication adherence support; examining the causes of current pharmacy workforce shortages; and the development of digital health services by community pharmacy to improve patient care.

The World Pharmacy Council met in Paris 19-22 May 2022 for its annual conference. The theme of the meeting was Transforming Patient Care through Community Pharmacy. Welcoming delegates to the meeting the President, Doug Hoey (National Community Pharmacy Association, USA), said:
“This is a very opportune time to be meeting together. We recognised early in the pandemic that community pharmacy would have a vital contribution to make to deliver care to our patients as physicians and hospitals closed clinics, and in our communications we have exchanged information about the wide range of newly authorised pharmacy services, research, and public recognition of pharmacies, summarised in the 2020 and 2021 Sector Analyses, WhatsApp and Capsule publications.
“Our challenge now is to ensure that we build on the public appreciation and the success of the new services provided during the pandemic to secure the new and expanded services for the future, with the funding needed to deliver viable income streams.”

Delegates discussed the highlights from their own country experiences since the last conference in August 2019. Common to all was the growth in demand for community pharmacy to provide a range of primary health care and public health services during the COVID-19 pandemic, including in periods when most other care providers stopped seeing patients in person.

June 2, 2022

WPC Annual Conference, Paris, May 2022

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