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September 21, 2022

World Pharmacists Day: Statement from WPC
'Pharmacy united in action for a healthier world'

Contact: Jane Murray,

World Pharmacists Day (WPD), led by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), provides an opportunity to promote the pharmacy profession. This year’s event, which takes place this year on 25 September, focuses on uniting the efforts of pharmacy for a healthier world. WPD presents an opportunity for WPC member organisations to join with all other sectors of the pharmacy profession, and take part in this influential campaign demonstrating the unity of the pharmacy profession for health.


Central to the mission of the WPC is the promotion of community pharmacy worldwide as an important and integral part of health systems. Our member organisations can be proud of what they have achieved together to expand the role of community pharmacy in the interest of patients’ health and wellbeing, including vaccination services, screening programmes and testing services. We continue to advocate for the achievement of full scope of practice in community pharmacy, and strongly believe in the positive impact of community pharmacy on health of citizens worldwide.


The WPC therefore invites its member organisations to support the campaign, and in doing so, to demonstrate to all stakeholders and citizens how we as community pharmacists are united for health. 


 “World Pharmacists Day is an opportunity for all WPC member organisations to advocate for community pharmacy.  We encourage you and your members to get actively involved in the event, by using the official promotional material in your pharmacy premises and on social media”, according to WPC President Douglas Hoey.  “Become a WPC Champion by clicking here to add your word of support to the campaign”.


Official campaign materials are recommended and are available free of charge to all pharmacy stakeholders who wish to participate in the event promoting our profession. Click here for link to FIP World Pharmacists Day website and campaign toolkit

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If you are an individual, please note that membership of the World Pharmacy Council is not available to individuals. The Council’s full members are community pharmacy representative organisations, and application for affiliate membership is open only to companies and other organisations that have an interest in the field of community pharmacy.

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